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We have been blessed to serve members of the Bloomington community by offering a high quality, Christian Preschool and Childcare program.  This ministry of our congregation has impacted hundreds of families since it started in 1995.

Caring staff, Christian education, and safe facilities have been the hallmark of our ministry.  Since exploratory play is such a key factor in early childhood development, we believe that our playground should match the excellence of the other elements of our ministry.  Currently, however, that is not the case:

  • The rubber tire chips that make up our playground surface become exceptionally hot in the sun, stain clothes and skin, and are often thrown or put into little mouths.  While they offer cushion, they never stay where they are supposed to.  They are tracked into our building, the sanctuary and find their way into our students’ homes.
  • The main play structure is at the end of its life.  Bolts are loose and rusted.  A slide is cracked rendering it inoperable.
  • The climbing dome under the shade structure is not allowed by state for safety reasons.
  • The shade structure, while providing needed shade, poses its own safety concerns with the 4×4 posts being in the middle of the play area.

The School Board and Parish Planning Council formed a committee to address the aging playground and provide a plan for its upgrading and replacement. The committee has submitted a proposal for the new playground to the School Board and PPC, which both approved it. This proposal (including equipment, new surface, and cost) will now come before the congregation for final approval at the annual voters’ meeting on Sunday, December 3.

 Phases of the proposal (Estimated total = $187,000):

  • Pre-installation late winter. (Estimated cost $6,000)
    • Excavate sod to add 10ft to the playground footprint towards the church
    • Remove climbing dome and shade structure
  • Major installation by ProPlay in the spring of 2024. (Estimated cost $173,000)
    • Supply and install new foundation of artificial turf to replace black tire chips
    • Supply and install new playground equipment
  • Post-installation  (Estimated cost $8,000)
    • Erect new fencing around the expanded playground
    • Add sun sails if needed for additional shade

We have the following funds as of November 1:

  • $55,000 – Dedicated Funds (including GoFund Me and memorials for former student Iris Laughlin)
  • $6,000 – from the Auction

Playground Resolution

Questions? Contact a Playground Committee member: Bill Pfrommer (chair), Rachel Stults (preschool director), Jessica Meyers (preschool teacher), Jarrod Franklin (Stewardship), Andrew Lukefahr (PPC), Pastor Edwards